Thank you for visiting our site. I’m Kim, owner of Everyday Tactical Gear. As a woman shooter, and as a professional firearms instructor, I have had a need for concealed carry purses and other concealed carry items for myself and my students. While there are a number of other concealed carry manufacturers out there—some with beautiful and useful products most of their purses and other items don’t fit mine or my students’ needs.

Products offered by other manufacturers are often either too large or too expensive—and none of them have purses and other carry items for everyday use, priced so my students and I can buy multiple styles to go with our multitude of different dressing needs. Sometimes we need a business purse or brief case; sometimes a purse to wear with a cocktail dress; and, at other times, a fun, casual purse to go with jeans or other casual attire.

So, taking the needs of my students and myself into consideration, I decided to design my own line of carry items. Thus, Everyday Tactical Gear was formed.

Thank you for looking at my designs. I want to provide styles that everyday people can wear, every day! Feel free to contact Everyday Tactical Gear with any questions or comments. I welcome your input. - Kim