Bushnell PowerView 10/50 Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars

The 10/50 Bushnell Powerview Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars is an affordable high-powered pair of binoculars with Insta-Focus and multi-coated lens. It is based on the Porro prism system with fold-down eyecups, BL-7 prism glass and rubber armor encasing the exterior for non-slip use. Unfortunately, in spite of the features, there have been too many reported defective products received by consumers to warrant some form of hesitation and doubt. In addition, it is one dimensional and does not adjust to short distance views or focuses well as a handheld.

Review of the Bushnell PowerView 10/50

The Bushnell Powerview High Powered Surveillance 10/50 Binoculars looks impressive and powerful. Unfortunately, it is difficult to handle especially outdoors on unsteady ground like on a boat and also because it has no fog free or waterproof features. This pair of binoculars are excellent for great distances but cannot be used for short distances. It is best recommended to be in a fixed position held up by a tripod.

On the high side, it is strong and clear with easy control view adjustment, carry case and lens cap. The craftsmanship is solid and well-made for the price although you might want to buy a better carry case to provide ample support for the binoculars.

There have been multiple complaints about the focus and double vision but with this could be because they were used to view something close by. The High Powered Bushnell is a surveillance gadget and tends to get blurred when viewing something less than 80 feet away. Also, the pupil distance is ideal for anyone with 60 to 70mm which means anyone who has close set eyes or is wide-eyed will have issues using it.

Finally, the focus in unstable and the adjustment can change on its own which means you will be constantly adjusting if it is hand-held.


The Bushnell Powerview High Surveillance Binoculars is a good buy if you plan to mount it on a tripod and not use it as a hand-held. The price is affordable although you may experience double or blurred vision if used for short distances.  If you can afford a higher-priced surveillance camera that can give you a steadier experience, do not buy this one. However, if you want it for occasional, short term surveillance use, it could be the device you are looking for.

3 Main Good Points

  • Excellent distance viewing
  • Powerful lens
  • Can be used on a tripod

3 Main Bad Points

  • Cannot be used for short distances
  • Difficult to handle, unstable focusing
  • Is not fogfree or moisture-free which means you can only use it for indoor surveillance

Physical Features:

  • Weight: 25 ounces
  • Optic Measure:  10/50
  • Objective Lens Diameter:  50mm
  • Tripod Adapter/Mount: Yes
  • Amazon User Review Rating: 3.7/5.0 Stars