FordEx 300lm Tactical Flashlight

It’s unusual to review a model that’s been discontinued, but there are still plenty of genuine FordEx 300lm Mini Cree LED flashlights available (as well as some imitations) and at around $5 (compared to an original price of $30, it’s a fantastic bargain). Existing users rate this FordEx well, giving it a good 4.3/5.0 rating on Amazon – there are some issues on the time it takes to ship and about the function switch, but overall customers are happy.

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Review of the FordEx 300lm

This compact flashlight produces a bright beam with up to 300 lumens power – and has an adjustable focus which means you can change the spread of the beam (very useful when switching from close work to distant sighting). In addition, this well-constructed unit is water resistant (note, it’s not waterproof, so don’t go diving with it!) and produces a very bright beam despite its small, compact size.

Given the casing is small, the torch will accept a range of different battery options including regular AA alkaline, lithium 14500, and NiMH batteries. Runtime of the flashlight depends a lot on the battery being used – with regular AA providing as little as 120minutes of runtime – however, expect considerably longer with either lithium or NiMH batteries. Note that most supplies do not include batteries with the flashlight, so remember to order them separately.

Build quality of the genuine FordEx is good, with the casing made from aluminum alloy weighing in at a feather-lite 65 grams; the design has a power switch at the base of the torch. It’s fitted with CREE Q5 LED technology to produce such bright light despite the small size of the device. Expect a maximum beam range of around 100 feet – but you’ll need to adjust the focus ring to narrow the beam to achieve this.

There are three operating modes: high-power, low-power and strobe; you switch between modes or functions using the power switch on the base (just press lightly to switch mode; if you press hard, you will switch the flashlight off).

There’s no tactical mount included but you can improvise using tie-straps and tape (read the user comments on Amazon for advice).


This is a well-reviewed and rated super-compact flashlight with a powerful beam at a very low price and the added advantage of a focus adjuster that makes the flashlight very flexible and puts the FordEx Group 300 lm Mini CREE LED in the top bestsellers of Amazon’s flashlight category.

Top 5 Main Features

  • Features adjustable zoom to focus the beam
  • Compact mini size and weight
  • Water resistant, good build quality with aluminum casing
  • Three choices of battery: AA Alkaline, Lithium 14500, or NiMH
  • Power of 300 lumens
  • Three modes

Quick Features

Size: 3.7 inches (length) x 1 inch (width)

Weight: 2.6 ounces (shipping weight)

Battery Size: 1 AA battery

Power/Lumens: Maximum of 300 lumens

Body Material: Aluminum

Mount: None

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