Smith & Wesson Galaxy Tactical Flashlight

Are you looking for a flashlight that’s really easy to handle? If so, then customer feedback points you at this Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 Flashlight as a great choice. This model two LED bulb colors: white for regular illumination and red for better night vision that avoids disturbing anyone or anything around you at night. The flashlight includes a limited lifetime warranty and is powered by three AAA batteries (normally these are included with the flashlight, but do check when ordering).

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Review of the Smith & Wesson Galaxy

There are some great deals available on the Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight, with discounts of around 33% off list price, bringing it down to around $27. This is an extremely popular model, partly down to its great brand name but also because of its good performance and good design, making it a very good all-around flashlight, and getting great reviews for anyone who needs a night torch and appreciate the red LED light (you’ll see reviews from pilots, truck drivers and outdoor sportsmen who value this model as part of their kit).

For many customers, the Smith & Wesson brand alone convinces them that the Galaxy 13 is going to be a great purchase. It’s no surprise since S&W is an American brand (first established in 1852, if you’re into your history!) and it takes care to protect this reputation with high-quality models; its flashlights are designed and produced by Powertech Inc in Tennessee.

There’s no shortage of LED bulbs in the Galaxy 13 which is fitted with 10 white and 3 red LED bulbs. Many users find the red light is much easier to use at night, since it doesn’t glare or blind like the white light. With all these bulbs, power consumption is important and you’ll find that the white LED bulbs will run for 30 hours with three AAA batteries while the red LEDs will run for an impressive 80 hours. The beam lighting distance is also different for the white LEDs (at 17 yards) compare to 16.5 yards when using the red LEDs. The focus of the beam is fixed..

The casing of this flashlight is made from anodized aluminum and is supplied with a soft holster case with a belt hoop. A nice touch is that the holster case includes room for an extra set of batteries. It’s worth noting that this is not a waterproof flashlight. The casing also has a couple of holes to let you fit attach a lanyard and the casing has a textured grip.

There are two buttons to operate the flashlight: the first button turns on the white LEDs and the back button operates the red LEDs. There are no special strobe or SOS modes – you’ll have to improvise and manually switch on and off to get this effect! To avoid the torch switching on accidentally, there’s a security lock.

If you’re concerned with quality, a great mark of this model’s quality is that it’s the model of choice for the US military – citing the red light LEDs that help with map reading and signalling at night.

Lastly, there’s a lifetime warranty so any problems with the case or switch-gear should be replaced.


Relatively low power but great build quality with a lot of fans mean that it gets excellent ratings and has scored 4.4/5 from customers on Amazon.

Top 5 Main Features

  • Has white and red LED bulbs
  • Works with 3 AAA batteries which makes it affordable and easy to find
  • Simple dual power switch
  • High quality construction, made in the US and backed with a lifetime warranty
  • Excellent customer service

Quick Features

  • Size: 7 inches in length
  • Weight: 6.1 ounces, shipping weight is 11.2 ounces
  • Battery Type: 3 AAA batteries which are included in the purchase
  • Power/Lumens: 25 lumens for white LED bulbs and 6.5 lumens for red LED bulbs
  • Body Material: Anodized aluminum

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