Streamlight 88031 Flashlight

If you’re looking for a five-star tactical flashlight, the Streamlight 88031 has regularly been awarded top marks from existing users on Amazon. This Streamlight model is robust and well-made, and is both impact-resistant and waterproof. It provides good functionality and a bright LED light source at a very competitive price and is widely used by emergency services and professionals.

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Review of the Streamlight 88031

This sports tactical flashlight is on offer in many online outlets for a very competitive price under $50. It’s one of the ProTac series from Streamlight that are well-made and well-reviewed.

The 88031-2L model uses a bright, white LED light source that uses the C4 LED technology (similar to other high-end torches) – this uses electronics within the flashlight to regulate the battery power so that the beam remains consistently bright even as the battery power decreases with time. There are three operating modes with the default being a click-through between high, strobe, and low power beam. You can change the program rotation of modes using the single push button that’s on the base of the unit – making it possible to use and program the flashlight with one-hand.

The C4 LED light source lasts for around 50,000 hours (typical of this technology) and in high-power mode, the beam produces a bright, white beam of 260 lumens – in low-power mode, this is around 13 lumens. At high-power, the battery will last around three hours; in low-power the battery lasts around six hours.

You can power the flashlight using a range of battery options, including two AA batteries, or the CR123A 3volt lithium batteries (that are included with flashlight). This model doesn’t use rechargeable batteries – in fact, the company goes so far as to avoid rechargeable batteries in any of its products since it claims they can damage the components.

Streamlight, established in 1973, produce a range of well-respected products for the blue-light services (fire and law enforcement) as well as for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy fishing, hunting, and outdoor sports. Streamlight flashlights are guaranteed to be safe around explosive gases and in toxic conditions and the company offers a limited lifetime warranty.

The 88031 model is compact, at just over 7-inches long, weighing in at 4.8 ounces; it’s fitted with a clip. The device is well-made using both an O-ring and impact-resistant glass as to fit to the machined and anodized aluminum casing. As a result, it’s waterproof down to 1 yard for about 30 minutes and is impact-resistant and able to cope with a drop from two yards high. The machined aluminum casing is high quality and copes well with general wear and tear.

There are a couple of minor issues reported by existing users on review sites – including that the clip can slip and that the unit can get warm when it’s been used continuously.

There are fakes on the market, but original Streamlights have serial numbers on the casing, making it a little easier to identify a real version. For buyers in the European Community, it meets the EC standards of energy efficiency and electrical safety.


A well-constructed and reviewed flashlight that provides good value for money in a robust casing with a good warranty, so making it attractive for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This is coupled with the ability to withstand impact and is water-resistant. Although there are just three operating modes, but they’re easy to use and in high-power mode the flashlight produces a bright beam at up to 260 lumens.

Top 5 Main Features

  • Used and reviewed by professionals in emergency services
  • Uses latest C4 LED technology to maintain beam brightness
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Is waterproof and impact resistant
  • Uses two standard CR123A lithium batteries (included)

Physical features

  • Size: 4.75 inches (length) x 1.5 inches (diameter)
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Battery: CR123A Lithium batteries, disposable
  • Power: 260 lumens for high-power, 13 lumens on low-power.
  • Casing: Aluminum anodized casing
  • Mount: Includes a pocket clip
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime for the aluminum casing.

 –> Check the latest prices for the Streamlight 88031 with discounts of over 45% at Amazon