UTG Defender Series Weapon and Handheld Tactical Xenon Flashlight

Many flashlights include a mount as a after-thought, but the UTG Defender Handheld Tactical flashlight is designed to fit a tactical mount and can be operated whilst in the mount – as a result, it’s well-reviewed by weapons and sporting enthusiasts.

Unlike many current models, the UTG uses a Xenon bulb which produces a bright beam with an output power of 126 lumen. This can be switched between various modes – either permanent or strobe/flashing mode using a simple toggle switch.

Some existing customers, on Amazon, report a few issues with units (check out the reviews user reviews ) but overall, this model scores well with a good 4.2/5.0 rating.

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Review of UTG Defender Series Weapon and Handheld Tactical Xenon Flashlight

As mentioned, this UTG tactical flashlight is designed to be mounted on a weapon; it features a Xenon bulb as the light source (rather than LED technology) with a good beam providing 126 lumens of output power. Operating the torch is easy with two controls that provide a twist-on switch and a push-button switch for signalling. An unusual feature of this model is that it includes a remote pressure switch. The beam cannot be adjusted – there’s no focus feature.

The UTG brand is based in Michigan, IL, and the company behind the brand (Leapers) has been producing and selling outdoor equipment for over 20years (this model is manufactured in China).

The UTG is normally supplied with two type 123 lithium batteries and there are some good deals available online with over 25% discounts, making it a good buy. The two batteries are standard but the Xenon bulb consumes more power than an LED equivalent and the runtime is around 70minutes, so you’ll not see long runtime on this torch (there’s nothing wrong with Xenon bulbs, which are used in car headlamps and produce very bright, white light – but they do consumer a lot of power compared to an LED and can run hotter).

User reviews comment on the remote switch, which can be very sensitive and needs careful handling, and comments on the mounting (which works well for many weapons but might not be tight enough for heavy-recoil or shotguns.

Despite these minor downsides mentioned in user reviews, this flashlight provides a well-finished, durable unit that offers good value for money; if you’re looking for a lamp for your weapon, this could be ideal but do make sure that you check the size of the mounting fixture first. And at the current pricing online, this is a really good buy for the money.


This is a good, well-made flashlight with a bright Xenon bulb and a tactical mount included – at a very competitive price. Unusually, there’s a remote pressure switch (that can be used as a trip device). The Xenon 26mm IRB bulb consumes more power than an equivalent LED bulb but the two lithium 123 batteries will provide reasonable runtime. This flashlight gets a good user rating of 4.2/5.0.

Top 5 Main Features

  • Features a Xenon IRB Bulb for 125 lumen output
  • Includes a tactical mount for light-recoil weapons
  • Includes a remote pressure switch
  • Features three operating modes

Physical Features

  • Size: 5.22 inches (length) 1 inch (diameter)
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces with battery
  • Battery: two 3volt Lithium battery
  • Power: 126 lumens
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting: Picatinny/Weaver rail

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